From the fighter to the fan, EightSided is more than just a brand, it’s a way of life. We at EightSided believe there are a multitude of sides to all of us.  To fight is not always with your fists, but with your mind and spirit in all that we do. We have to fight for what we want, believe, deserve, and need in every arena of our lives from the cage to work, for families to those unable to fight for themselves.

EightSided presents thought-provoking topics and stands behind those who know who they are, or are in the process of finding out what they can become.

We believe in the power of choice. The choice to do nothing is always present... or you can choose to fight for who you are.

WRAP Certified

We pride ourselves on working with clothing manufacturers that are 100% WRAP certified

 What Is WRAP?

WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is a globally recognized, independent 3rd party certifying body whose mission is to promote ethical, humane and lawful conditions and practices in all manufacturing facilities. Companies accepted into the WRAP organization go through an extensive application process in which manufacturing facilities, working environments, and worker's rights are inspected and approved by the WRAP association. WRAP certifications are awarded based upon both internationally and nationally accepted humane workplace standards, local laws, and ethical manufacturing regulations.

What Principles Does the WRAP Certification Include?

  • • Human resources management

  • • Health and safety standards

  • • Environmental and eco-friendly practices

  • • Legal compliance including import/export and customs compliance and security standards